11° Edition of the Summer School Plant Health and Quality

Calendario | Junio 29 a Julio 17 de 2020 (3 semanas)
Chincheta | Universidad de Angers, Francia

The program relies on interactive classes, conferences including international speakers and hands-on activities.


Plant Health :

  • Plant pathology : new technologies for pathogen detection
  • Phenotyping applied to plant health monitoring
  • Insect Chemical ecology for pest control
  • Plant resistance inducers (elicitors) in crop protection
  • Parasitic plants
  • Seed microbiota and seed-borne pathogens

Plant Quality :

  • Fruit post harvest quality, sensory analyses of plant products
  • Architecture characterization of ornamental plant
  • Plant physiology
  • Physiological quality of seeds
  • Phenotyping for seed germination

Studying in Angers and preparing a PhD thesis in France

  • Presentation of the Plant Science campus
  • Short presentations of students’ personal research projects
  • Being a PhD student in Angers, France:
    • General information about PhD fellowships
    • Friendly evening with local doctoral and post-doctoral students
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